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 New Release   On Target 5.1  -  Real Estate Investment Software
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     Real Estate Investment Software Features
                   What features are important in a real estate investment software program?
                         Important Real Estate Investment software Features   
                   On Target requirements
  Windows XP       Windows Vista       Windows 7       Windows 8  &  8.1
                    Powerful and user friendly real estate software to quickly
  -  determine return on investment
  -  calculate before and after-tax cash flows
  -  estimate future wealth generated by income property
  -  compare different income properties via executive summary
  -  reduce risk and increase profits
  -  make faster and more informed financial decisions
  -  build wealth systematically
                   The On Target real estate investment software includes
  -  online help facility
  report summary of inputs and assumptions
  executive summary of the critical property financial data
  comprehensive sensitivity analysis to quickly run "what if scenarios"
  cover sheet with picture of income property and logo
  two picture presentations with descriptions
  -  12 reports and numerous graphics to assist in the decision making process
  blank forms for gathering the property input data 
  -  flexibility to save an unlimited number of property files
  -  real estate analysis for active, passive and real estate professional status
  -  partnership analysis to prorate financial data based on percent ownership
  residential ranking by condition of property, neighborhood safety and convenience
  real estate analysis for commercial and residential income properties
                   Comprehensive real estate analysis for
  -  Office Buildings  -  Industrial Properties -  Mini Warehouses
  -  Apartment Buildings -  Warehouses -  Single Family Rental
                   On Target reports    Sample Reports
  -  Summary of Inputs -  Operating Expenses -  Cover Sheet with Picture
  -  Cash Flow Statement  -  Sale of Property    -  Executive Summary
  -  Income Statement    -  Future Wealth -  Sensitivity Analysis
  -  Ratio Analysis     -  Mortgage and Equity   -  Cash Flow Allocation
  -  Rent Roll  -  Property Flyer -  2 Picture Presentation
                   Ten year graphic projections for    Sample Graphs
  -  Sales Price and Loan Balance  -  Capitalization Rate -  Debt Coverage Ratio
  -  Before and After-Tax Cash Flow  -  Cash on Cash Return -  Loan to Value Ratio
  -  Before and After-Tax Sales Proceeds   -  Gross Rent Multiplier -  Percent Ownership
-  Before and After-Tax Future Wealth   -  Gross Income Multiplier -  Debt-to-Equity Ratio
  -  Internal Rate of Return  -  Net Income Multiplier   -  Break Even Point
  -  Modified Internal Rate of Return -  Operating Expense Ratio  -  Equity Dividend Rate
  -  Cash Flow Allocation  -  Net Income Ratio  -  Equity
                   Real estate software with powerful sensitivity analysis varying
  -  Appreciation Growth Rate -  Purchase Price -  Reinvestment Return
  -  Income Growth Rate -  Percent Down -  Vacancy Rate
  -  Expense Growth Rate  -  Loan Interest Rate -  Target Cap Rate
                   Modify rate assumptions on a year-to-year basis for
  -  Rental Income Growth Rate -  Appreciation Growth Rate -  Vacancy Rate 
  -  Other Income Growth Rate  -  Expense Growth Rate -  Capitalization Rate
                   The On Target real estate software allows up to 3 mortgages on a property 
  fully amortized mortgages    
  fully amortized mortgages with a balloon payment    
  -  one future mortgage or refinancing
  -  interest only mortgages 
  interest only with a balloon payments
                   A breakdown of operating expenses by
  expense item amount as a percent of total operating expenses
  -  expense item amount as a percent of effective gross income
                   The On Target real estate investment software target market includes
  -  Real Estate Investors -  Accountants  -  Banks and Savings and Loans
  Real Estate Companies -  Appraisers  -  Real Estate Investment Clubs
  -  Real Estate Students -  Financial Planners Real Estate Brokers & Agents
                   Real estate investment software updates    On Target Updates
                   The On Target real estate software utilizes US tax laws
                   The On Target real estate investment software is tax deductible
                     Privacy Statement        Disclaimer
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Just   $99.95
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